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Why Matete Won’t Be Allowed To Bury Her Nigerian Husband! EXCLUSIVE

Kenya gospel singer Ruth Matete’s family has blamed the Nigerian Embassy of delaying John Apewajoye’s burial plans.

In line with Robert Odanga Ruth Matete’s lawyer, the embassy has declined to release the body for final burial rites.

This has forced the family to resort to seek funds from wellwishers as mortuary fees balloon, he says.

Speaking to Spice FM, Mr Odanga noted “Even after conducting the autopsy with four independent pathologists present, the embassy has curtailed our effort to remove John’s body for burial.”

He also noted that Apewajoye’s family in Nigeria has consented to his remains being buried by Matete.

“The family in Nigeria have even written to them (embassy), requesting the body to be released, but they have refused to release it,”

he added.

As stated by People Daily, the deceased’s family is satisfied with the autopsy report that found the their kin’s death was purely an accident.

“With regards to the death of our son, John Apewajoye, we request that the corpse should be buried by his Kenyan wife without further delay for his soul to be at peace.

“All autopsy results duly accepted,” the bereaved family wrote to the Nigerian Embassy in Nairobi on April 29.

Shortly after government pathologist Johansen Oduor released the post mortem results, the Nigerian Embassy asked the DCI to ensure that Apewajoye’s remains are not released for burial.

“We have received communication from the Nigerian High Commission requesting that the body should not be released until consent is granted by the Nigerian Government,”

DCI said.

The embassy had also refused to release the body for autopsy in April, after the deceased’s manager Jessy McJessiey read foul play into his demise.

Jessy through a YouTube video said the burns could not have killed his long time friend and client.

However, it was later found that Apewajoye who was expecting his third child and Matete’s first, suffered 60 percent burns and had multiple organ failure.

Matete has since accused Bellevue Hospital of neglecting her husband of five months leading to his death.

Responding to the claims, however, the hospital said,

 “Our emergency response unit has had the best outcomes in managing a good number of burn cases that have recovered tremendously and discharged from hospital.”

The singer has also filed a complaint against the gas supplier, Anne Wairimu.
The complaint was filed under OB number 17/16/4/20 at Athi River Police Station.

The body is being preserved at the Kenyatta National Hospital mortuar


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