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Victor Ber Finally Speaks After Churchill Show’ Star Zeddy Exposes Him Of Being A “Dream Killer”

Mr Ber a seasoned theatre producer has approached comedian Zainabu Zeddy she bamed the director of frustrating artists resulting in depression and deaths among some of them.

The show’s Creative Director Ber detailed that he was ready to invite Zeddy to Churchill Show and the two would remain friends despite the exposés. Zeddy, while speaking with emcee Felix Odiwour, Jalang’o, stated that she would leave the show after performing for nearly ten years.

In an interview with the daily nation Ber detailed, “Yes, without a doubt (I will welcome her). Since she wrote those things, I tried to keep it to myself, but she kept posting more and more and it wasn’t until Wednesday (July 8) that I picked up my phone and texted her and she called me back. I know her very well and when you watch the videos, she cannot edit the way they were.”

According to the  administrator added that someone was pushing Zeddy to heap blame and create a fallout within Churchill Show.

Ber and Zeddy spoke on how wrong he felt Zeddy was to drag his wife, Teacher Wanjiku into the issue. Zeddy had lamented that the creative director favoured the wife who is also a comedian alongside another artist Sleepy David.

Ber defended himself against frustrating comedians, detailing that all he does is push them to excel. He insisted that he finds the best talent for the show and that he totally supports them by offering fare and participates in their scriptings too.

According to Ber that the artists were to blame for failing to manage fame and riches which lands them into depression and when they return back to the show, they are angered to find out that their spot has been taken by another upcoming artist.

“Churchill sometimes would call me and ask me to make artists toe the line. They might think I am heartless but it is my way of preparing them for what they will encounter when they step on that stage,” he defended.

He also heaped blame on external pressures that affect the show. Ber argued that at times NTV, social media and fans list contrasting demands which cannot be fit all together.

“Hundreds of people come for auditions and because of all the demands we cannot fit them in and we have to adhere to what the client wants,” he stated.

Zeddy had exposed Ber of being a “Dream Killer”

She further accused the director of being heartless and often taking advantage of being the person who decides who appears in the show which airs on NTV every Sunday to frustrate the people he doesn’t like.


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