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TPF Contestant Alvan Love Gifts Watchman Who Gave Him Place To Sleep A Brand New Motorbike

Former TPF star lvan Gatitu popularly known Alvan Love has thanked the security guard who gave him a place to sleep by buying him a brand new motorbike.

Alvan Gatitu cried for help after his house was locked by the landlord over rent arrears as he had no place to sleep.

Indeed a soldier identified as Wafula Kizito was kind enough when no one else was there for him.

According to a post shared on Facebook by Ndungu Nyoro, when the former TPF star received help from Kenyans of goodwill, he first thought of thanking the security guard for his kind gesture.

 “When compassionate Kenyans reached out to Alvan, the first person who crossed his mind was Kizito. He felt obligated to go back and say thank you. When they met at a place along Ngong Rd, Alvan asked Kizito to suggest anything that would help boost his income and way of life,”

wrote Nyoro.

Narrating what transpired on the night he met Gatitu, the former security guard said that the man showed up with a laptop bag and a phone in his hand requesting to see a certain friend of his but he had orders not to let him in.

TPF contestant Alvan Love buys bodaboda for kind security guard who housed him

After trying to make the calls, the star went back to the guard and asked him if there was a place he could spend the night. Out of compassion, he offered him his changing room. “From the way he was talking to madam on the phone, I figured out that he was not a bad guy.

I told him to get into the room where we used to change our clothes and shoes form. There is that side that used to be a toilet but was no longer in use. We laid cartoons and he got a place to sleep,” narrated Kizito.

As stated by the kind guard, he took Gatitu to his home in Kawangware the following morning where they had breakfast and later when the sun was out they went their separate ways. “The following morning we were just chatting like people who knew each other earlier.

Later, With his fortunes changed and life looking up again, the Tiktok sensation known for his humour visited the security guard and asked him what he plans to do in life.

The guard, in a narration shared by a philanthropist- Ndungu Nyoro- told Gatitu has always wanted to get into the boda-boda business but was short of the capital to acquire a bike.

Gatitu reportedly met with the guard along Ngong road where he bought him a brand-new bike and assisted him with acquiring the necessary documentations.

The guard also resigned from his job and is now pursuing his dream job.


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