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The Best Places to Live in NAIROBI

Nairobi, the city in the sun, has seen major transformations over the years. Its a city for the chosen few, where the tough survive and the weak get rooted out. Its a city marred with an equal balance of rather conflicting jibes and vibes. You can literally get robbed in broad daylight and a few steps later you get a stranger’s helping hand. An interesting city we live in.

But today, lets take a moment and talk about the residing environs of this great city. There has been so much talk about who lives where but a quick test to know if you’re living in one of the elite surbub, before your fair lady accepts your house call request, you now the ‘babe when can you can over’ request, I can guarantee she’ll need to know where you live. The information you relay will determine whether you’ll have a house guest or you’ll join the ‘blueticks’ association  headquartered at my house.

Clearly where you live in this big city matters a lot. I took time, researched and came up with a list of some of the fair if not best places to live within the city. I guarantee if you reside in this places you are on your way to making it in this city. So without further ado lets get to the list.

1. Karen/Runda/Kitsuru/Muthaiga

Although Karen is located further away from the city as compared to the other neighbourhoods on this list, the serenity and natural scenery more than make up for the distance. The neighbourhood is largely considered posh, with the many mansions and villas housing notable people in society. Karen can be boring for housewives. But domestic workers more than compensate for what husbands can’t provide.

2. Kilimani/Riara/Lavington

There are modern maisonettes, mixed with commercial developments, but most people who live in these neighbourhoods don’t have time to shop or even run errands. Every business woman aspiring to work from the comfort of her house wants to live there.

3. Woodley/Adams Arcade/Ngumo

Women love to shop and the closer and cheaper the venue the better. Women who live in these hoods always look good, fashion-wise. You may wonder where they get the money to maintain such a fresh wardrobe but that’s what happens when the flea market is in your backyard.

4. Syokimau/Mlolongo

This is where all wannabe home owners have flocked to. The realtors have not only provided great rates for home and land owners but also tenants. An apartment that costs Sh70,000 in Kileleshwa goes for only Sh35,000 in Syokimau.

5. Thika Road/Roysambu/Kahawa Sukari

Thika Road and its environs are one of the most underestimated neighbourhoods in Nairobi. Even with two major shopping malls, Thika Road Mall and Garden City hasn’t made this part of the city receive the prominence it deserves.

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6. Westlands/SpringValley/Mountain View

Women living in these neighbourhoods rarely have real things to worry about. First of all, their men have only one purpose. To love them. If you check online you will notice that most men who upload pictures with captions like: “Chilling with bae #Sundatings” always check in from these neighbourhoods. Men who live here vary from DJ’s, senior media personalities, businessmen and diplomats. You will also not miss a random West African who doesn’t mind chopping money on a beautiful woman!

7. Riverside

Although, Riverside features a good deal of commercial properties and consulates, the serviced apartments and mansions available provide for great living space. There are a good number of cool restaurants too. Women who aspire to date diplomats and can’t make it to Runda can always live in affordable servants quarters around here to enhance their hunting game.

8. Ridgeways

The Ridgeways area is along Kiambu road before Muthaiga and it includes estates like Garden estate and Thome. Housing is in form of bungalows and apartments, some with swimming pools and quarters, and there are cool shopping centres around. The Windsor Golf and Country Clubs is in the vicinity and is popular for its beautiful landscaping and challenging golf course. There is reliable public transport serving that area but the traffic especially during peak hours is a big concern.

9. South C/Parklands

This is the best place to live especially for people with an Asian background as it makes it easier for women to survive and feel protected.

10. Lang’ata

It has always been the breeding hood for future millionaires. Most women who own huge businesses in this city started off by selling mtumba in Lang’ata and most seem selfless in sharing business ideas, otherwise what would explain their success?

Where do you live? Let us know in the comment section below, we might just be neighbours.

Research Credits:

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