Friday, August 7, 2020


The State Department for Housing and Urban Development Principal Secretary Charles Hinga flanked by senior government officials, Tushia Global Holdings Chairman Bishop Mark Kariuki and reputable local private developers  on Friday 3rd July 2020 launched  a  premier luxurious-low cost housing Samara Estate project in Kiambu County.

Speaking at heart of the expansive 774 hectares of Migaa Golf Course, Chief Guest at the launch ,Housing Principal Secretary Mr. Charles Hinga hailed the commitments by stakeholders to deliver the promise of 500,000 homes under the Affordable Housing Programme.

“Samara Estate is a reflection of what affordable housing is all about. The Programme offers the government and private developers an opportunity to join efforts and expertise in a venture that must meet the dream of a typical Kenyan. I believe strongly that owning a home equates to owning a piece of the country’s economy.”

The Affordable Housing Project (AHP) was launched in December 2017 as one of the national government’s four pillars of growth, in the President’s Big Four Plan. The AHP promises to deliver 500,000 affordable homes over a five-year period, and involves a number of incentives and supports to enable the delivery of affordable housing in Kenya.

Bishop Mark Kariuki reiterated that the private sector’s resolve in ensuring community development through strengthening Private Public Partnerships (PPPs) with the national and county governments.

“Samara Estate is an aspiration living housing project that will stand as a testimony for many

Kiambu residents and Kenyans at large. The estate will house close to 2,000 units and become a home to countless more. Indeed, the typical Kenya no longer wants to rent or lease for a time.But, as this crisis continues to show us, owning a home is for the long run the most deliberate investment.” He asserted.

The residents will enjoy breathtaking forest cover views drenched in sunlight and tranquility and unsurpassed lifestyle at the Migaa Golf Course.

China Building Technology Group Kenya (CBTG) are the contractor and financiers for the project. The Group’s Chief Executive Officer Tom Kimani Zeng is upbeat of completing the entire project in a record time.

“Samara It’s a very good project, we envisage that we will deliver the entire apartments and mall in three years, the development is without doubt unparalleled in the residential market thus far” said Tom.

Tushia Global CEO Kelvin Muthuri, Tushia Global Chairman Bishop Mark Kariuki, Housing Principal Secretary Mr. Charles Hinga CBS CA (SA) and former P.S Irungu Nyakera during the launch of Samara Housing in Migaa on Friday 3rd July 2020

The units will retail   at Kshs 2.95 million and 3.95 million for the two bedroom and three-bedroom apartments respectively. Tushia Global Holdings, a leading consultancy in real estate and diverse sectors bagged the consultancy and sales contract for the Samara Housing project that is being developed by Sycamore Pine Ltd.


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