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Oops! “Brother-Sister” Marriage Prank Turns Sour As Family Is Anguished!

It was Tuesday, March 3. Joy Mungai was seated in class waiting for her lessons to begin.

However, miles away from her Thika Road-based school, a storm was brewing over a TV interview where she was featured.

It all started a week earlier when she agreed to play out an interview with a local station.

Joy tells Citizen Digital that she agreed to appear on the show and her task was simple: to pose as a sister to another actor.

Together, they were to claim that they had married plans but later found out they were siblings.

She said they acted out the scene and it was aired on Saturday night: a day later, it was uploaded on YouTube.

Everything went well until Tuesday when other media outlets picked up the bizarre story and it was published on several platforms.

Joy says she was in one of her media studies classes when her phone began to ring off the hook: everyone wanted to know about this man, including her family members.

A good number of them were not amused because they thought she had hidden the alleged “wedding preparations” from them.

Others were anguished that she had insinuated that her father had cheated on her mother and sired a child out of wedlock.

She tried telling them that she had only been told to act it out but this was not enough to calm them down.

Joy insisted that she had never met the man before they acted the scene together.

According to her, the first time she met him was for the acting gig at Carwash area near Githurai 45.

She maintains that opportunity to make her first appearance on TV is what lured her in.

The aftermath of the ‘lovebirds’ story? Joy has dropped her classes to make herself less visible in the hope that the storm will subside.

When Citizen Digital contacted Kameme TV to confirm Joy’s claims, the media station said: “The story was factual, we have even received calls from the BBC who want to cover it.”

Source Citizen


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