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Lies Our Parents Spoon-fed Us And Other Tales – The African Child Experience

Today on my daily online escapades, no thanks to Zuku, I came across an interesting YouTube channel by one famous local YouTuber, the specific video was titled “LIES OUR PARENTS SPOON-FED US??!” This was a 6 minute video explaining the plight of growing up in an African home and it had me rolling in tears, off course mixed emotions of how relatable the video was.

Growing up in an African home proved to be one of the 1000 ways to die, literally anything could send you either to hospital or the morgue but thank God we survived , adapted and became great men and women in society. Today I want us to break down some of the unique African parenting lies and tales that we believed and held dearer than religion,

We all remember that there was a special set of dishes for visitors ‘viombo za wageni’. I once asked my mom why they are allocated for visitors yet we never or rarely had visitors, I was told if I have such questions I should look for my own house and leave her ‘wageni-less’ kingdom alone with her dishes intact, needless to say I never asked. Woe to you if you even broke one of this special ‘china’. We will be holding a requiem mass for you today.

To the lies who was ever told that wearing red during a thunderstorm is an invitation to be thunder struck (sigh). I am ashamed and embarrassed that I held this lie so dear till I was well over 15 years old. At one point in lower primary, it was during the rainy season and I had dawned my red rain coat, it started raining and I dared to remove it but my class teacher could hear none of my cries that I will be struck with lightning. She forced me to have it on, I cried the whole time as I visualised my last days on earth, thinking back I am ashamed, only God can forgive me for my naivety.

Lets also talk about the ‘money lies’. Growing up I was made to believe that the bigger the coin the higher the value, mahn I was a dumb kid. Back in the day we had this big ass five shilling coins that for some weird reason they were always in supply at our house. My mom convinced me that it was the most valuable piece of coin you can ever have, I swallowed that up like the fool I was, this lie walked with me till one unfortunate that we shall discuss later in future hehe.

Then there was the infamous ‘leta nikuwekee ntakupea ukikuwa mkubwa’ lie that applied every time you were given any thing called money by a relative in the presence of your sweet mother, one day I tried to claim my withdrawal from ‘mom-bank’ and lets say the words that followed made this mission fail inevitably.

There are so many things we can talk about, here is the video that sparked this whole conversation, we thank Zaria Zoe for this piece, if you like the video subscribe to her channel she has great content, support local content. What other lies were you told when growing up, let us know in the comment section below.



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