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Investing in Greenhouses Business in Kenya

From the inception of life we all are in an inherent rush to win. be it from the most basic of units of life a win for a set of chromosomes is important to start a life. Magnify that to all life situations and you realize humans are by the most simple of ways a competitor and whose crave for a win is endless.

It is this desire that we get in our mission to see our bank balances double and triple in their numbers, our territories expand and our praises get louder. All this points to one resounding space-investments. Where does a coin become two etcetera . Where is it safe to invest, can one do passive investments and have sleep.

Is Kenya at the level we can comfortably place our hard earned cash on the hands of others and hope for benefits? Such is the dilemma that faces many potential investors especially with the history of conmanship at the hands of various companies.

It is armed with such curiosity that the idea fronted by Goldenscape greenhouses takes a front on this discussion. Never before has the concept of leasing greenhouses been heard before.

An idea incubated by one self-made billionaire, Peter Wangai and one that has transformed investment dynamics. Though with its challenges especially after major turbulences rocking the company, Wangai stands tall and comes out with better approach to greenhouses leasing

In essence, one leases one or more greenhouses, allows for six months for whatever product that was being farmed to grow and they start receiving their guaranteed return on investment thereafter. Subsequent publications will delve into this some more.



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