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“How Does It Benefit You To Own The Whole World And Lose Your Soul? You Will Burn In Hell” -Kuria Blasts The Govt

Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria blasted the government move to evict persons in Kariobangi area in Nairobi amidst ravaging Coronavirus pandemic

The legislator on Thursday night took it to Facebook noting it was ridiculous of the government to kicknout people in Kariobangi as if they were soon going to start the said project the next day.

Part of the post read,

“I understand that the Kariobangi Sewage evictions are meant to clear the land to set up sewage disposal for an ambitious forthcoming Ultra-Modern City project. But for crying out loud its not that the Ultra Modern City project is being built tomorrow.”

Kuria futher said the government move was inhuman arguing that many families kicked out of the area were now battling many challenges, Coronavirus,Rains and food shortage.He finished by cursing Uhuru’s government saying it’s officials will burn in hell.

Added Kuria

“How does one reconcile their conscience to see women and children evicted when they are suffering from lack of money, acute food shortage, unforgiving rains and battling with Corona Virus? How does it benefit you to own the whole world and lose your soul ? You will burn in hell



These are some of the reactions from Kenyans

Kimboy S

“What does it benefit you to own the whole world and lose a soul”. Ask him in person .GoodNight Mr late Night Sanitaiza.

Albert Robert Kangaa’u

Definitely true, we all know who is funding the ultra modern city. Only revolution can save our beloved nation.

Helen Gathongo,

Go urgue such in Parliament bwana! This is where laws are made and petitions presented. I missed you today when an important debate on the effects of covid-19 on school children and adolescents girls!! Or the topics aren’t important to you???? I guess coz they are under 18 and have no votes!!! Mungu anawaona!!!

Adele Mbatia,

The rich will never understand the poor and vulnerable. We are dealing with a crisis and someone is thinking of a multi billion project. The occupants of the said land don’t matter. Never forget,no matter how much wealth you amass on Earth, you will leave empty as you came. May thunder strike those cold humans who are driven by their stomachs

Nyambura Jacqline,

The wrath of God is coming for their soul..its just a matter of time

HB Tirkole

So they demolished people’s houses and left them in the cold in order to built a city ? What kind of madness is this….. May they burn in eternal hell .


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