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First MP For Bonchari Protus Kebati Momanyi Dies

The former legislator Dr Momanyi first as the first Bonchari MP has died at the ripe age of 82 years.

The Constituency was created in the run to the 1988 election, winning the seat on a KANU ticket.

He was easily re-elected during the 1992 general election, the position he held until 1997 when he lost the seat to John Zebedeo Opore.

He was an influential member of President Daniel Arap Moi’s Government during his time in politics where he served as Cabinet Minister. He was one of the most influential figures from the larger Kisii region.

In addition to this he was a KANU life member when the country was under a one-party system.

Since he was ousted from his position, he slowly retreated into his home and ventured into farming where he owns over 200 acres of land.

For over 20 years, he has maintained an uncharacteristically low political profile, only making public appearances on rare occasions.

The former minister had remained strong and despite his old age and was one of the region’s elders especially in matters politics.


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