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JLR Experience Pt 1

Lets start from the beginning. The involved stake holders organized this event to allow us, or rather any interested party to come and see what they have going on. However, this wasn’t your average car show. They not only let us see the cars, they went ahead and let us get a feel of their cars. The experience was amazing! Oh, just so you know, they were offering a 4 million shilling discount on their units during the three day event. (Yes, I said 4 million, you read that right. Moving on Swiftly…….).

The cars I got to test were; The All New Discovery, The Range Rover Sport, The Range Rover Evoque, The Discovery Sport, The Jaguar F-Pace, The Jaguar E-Pace and lastly The Range Range Rover Velar…. Not a bad line up huh? Disclaimer, I am not in a position to give detailed reviews on each of the vehicles since the time allocated on each unit would not allow. I will instead break this down into three or four parts and try cover as much as I can. I will majorly focus on the feel of driving each vehicle, then on the last article give an overview on the cars. All those interested in the performance, this is where you ought to be.

Sticking to the E-pace, I have to admit, the back seats are cramped. I mean I would not want to sit there over longer trips. I will go ahead and assume that its back seats should be similar to those of the Evoque since the sizes are almost the same. Leaving the cramped back seats where they belong, behind, this car was also a 2 liter turbo charged diesel engine. Now the acceleration on this wasn’t as exciting as the Evoque. I am not in any way suggesting that this car is slow because it is not, it really isn’t.

The steering was sharper and it felt sportier around the bends. Where this car excels though is the sound system. How do I put this, music in this car is unreal. Meridian sound is on a whole other level in terms of sound quality. Now couple that with the infotainment system, which is really clean (not as complex as the one on the Evoque), the whole experience is just pure bliss.

I grouped these two together because they are really similar. They share the same engine capacity, they are more or less the same size and offer so so much performance. The Evoque felt faster but the E-pace handled better, was more sporty. Next time you see either of these cars on the highway, it might not be a good idea to race them, because they will probably smoke you………..

So lets start with the Range Rover Evoque and The Jaguar E-Pace. Out of all the cars I drove, the Evoque surprised me the most. I think I had an attitude towards it because I felt it wasn’t a proper Range Rover. Well the joke’s on me because this car is really impressive. The unit was a 2 liter diesel with a turbo charger which in other words means, this car is rapid. The turbo takes a second or two to kick in but once it does, it’s hard to wrap your head around the fact that this car is moving that fast.

The Infotainment system was a bit cluttered, there was a lot going on so it was slightly difficult to navigate. The speakers were really good but this was later bested by another car. The steering felt slightly heavy, not as light as I had expected. It’s something you forget once you put your foot down though!!! Whoa the acceleration of this car was something else altogether. I want to talk about the interior and the technology in this car but I will leave that for when I get to write the full in-depth review. For now, let us stick to the feel on the road.The visibility at the back was meh, especially with passengers, it is hard using the rare view mirror. I didn’t get to ride the passenger seats but I did that on the E-pace.

Do stick around for Part 2……………


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