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Evicted Kariobangi Protest As Government Moves To Demolish Market Days After Demolishing Houses (VIDEO)

Residents of Kariobangi woke up to the sound of rumbling bulldozers, government officials and machines ready to demolish Korogocho market which serves as the main employment firm in the area.

Blogger Boniface Mwangi Human rights defender led the public outcry in exposing the governments wicked move.

On his twitter Mwangi posted “The government wants to demolish Korogocho market in Kariobangi area, same area they demolished houses this week. Traders and residents are in the streets protesting. why now in the middle of Coronavirus pandemic?”

On Thursday, May 7, 2020 Amnesty Kenya ordered the government to cease from any further demolition especially during this pandemic period.

“As members of the housing coalition we condemn the unlawful demolition and forced evictions of nearly 7,000 families in Kariobangi, Korogocho Market, Kisumu Ndogo, and Nyayo Village 2020. We call on the Government to desist from any further evictions.” Amnesty Kenya pleaded.

Here is the video ;

On Monday morning, about 5,000 people were left homeless after the government demolished their houses to reclaim the land.

The exercise was supervised by police and was carried out by the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company with bulldozers arriving on the grounds ready to flush out the families, some of whom have called the area home for more than 10 years.

This was despite a court order that was issued barring the exercise.

The demolitions came at a time when the country is battling to curb the spread of the coronavirus as cases in Nairobi continue to increase.


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