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Dear future wife.

Dear future wife,

It’s important to understand that we’re all different.There are those who are light,others are dark.some have beards ,others don’t.Some are tall while others are short.However I may be,I’d love if you loved me wholly for who I am and how I am.

On some days ,work will be tough and I may come home stressed.On such days even though it’ll not be so obvious I’d like to let you know that I’d still be in love with you and on such days we could sit and talk about how our bosses are messed up.

It’s important to realize that like any human being,men also undergo depression.If at all it happens,and on such periods,I’m lost and I don’t know who I am,I’d love it if you were there as my support system.You may not have the right words for the moment but you just being there and both of us finding comfort in each other will be enough.

Human is to error and during our period together,I might make mistakes ,not once not twice .Some will be oblivious some not so much .Communication is key and I’d appreciate it if we talked about them ,find a solution and apologize.It is also important to realize that apologies go both ways and when any of us is in the wrong ,I hope it’ll be easier to talk things through and apologize instead of keeping it and letting it pile into a case which we could have prevented.

It is a partnership and there are some decisions I’ll make that will not sit right with you .I just want to let you know ,you have a voice as much as I do and you could always give an opinion regardless of the matter.On some days you may not be in the mood for anything sexual and on such days I’d like you to say it confidently without feeling like you’re denying me anything.

I’ll never lay a hand on you ,I’ll always support you and I’ll always be there with you in every step of the way.In turn I’d love for you to be my number one fan ,support me and always love me just as much as you did when we started seeing each other .

There will be people who’ll be better than me in every aspect of life .If you support me to get to those heights other than comparing me to such I’d be grateful .

I’ll always love you ,support you ,we’ll glow and grow together and become the best version of ourselves.


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