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Coptic Hospital In A Tight Spot After Patient Was Allegedly Sexually Abused

Outrage sparked online on July 11, after Kenyans on twitter (KOT) questioned why the relevant authorities  did not look into the alleged sexual abuse allegetions leveled against Coptic Hospital.

According to Netizens they want the government to take action after a patient was allegedly abused sexually at the facility.

They further claim that authorities must intervene to investigate the issue.

As stated by the reports the woman only identified as Lucy was last week sexually assaulted by people she believes to be nurses or orderlies at the hospital located along Ngong Road.

Lucy who in 2019 successfully fought breast cancer was recently diagnosed with Stage 2 Liver Cancer.

She was then receiving treatment at Outspan Hospital in Nyeri County but was referred to Coptic for specialized treatment.

On July 1 the blog claims that she was admitted at Coptic and the unfortunate incident happened two days later, July 3.

The patient was apparently heavily sedated when the alleged abusers took advantage of her.

It was not until Saturday morning, July 4, that she realized what had happened. She reported the matter to the doctor assigned to her and the lead oncologist, Dr Andrew Odhiambo.

They are said to have pledged to look into the matter but no news were forthcoming. She insisted on having tests done.

The in-house gynecologist is said to have taken samples but the victim never heard from them after the exercise.

However, she insisted on leaving the hospital after consulting her family on Monday, July 6. It is then that she claims that she was drugged with what she now says could have been cocaine.

The hospital let her leave on Monday evening. She is said to have proceeded to Nairobi Hospital where tests confirmed that she was indeed abused.

Apparently  Lucy reported the matter at Kilimani Police Station but updates on the probe are yet to be received.

She is now seeking justice and wants Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to take up the matter.

According to Kenyans online it was unfortunate that healthcare workers at the hospital were taking advantage of the vulnerable patients with others asking the DCI to investigate the matter.

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