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Comedian Jalang’o TV  Begins Auditions for Anchors

Kenyan media personality and celebrity Felix Odiwuor alias Jalas, on Thursday, June 25, hinted at launching a television station on Youtube from his Bonga na Jalas channel.

Jalas stated that his youtube channel was growing at a fast rate with atleast 106,000 subscribers and he was considering making it a youtube television station.

“With how the channel is growing so fast, what if we made it even bigger and better? This is what I mean, Bonga na Jalas and the interviews that I do, just becomes a segment in the Youtube channel.

“Then for you guys who watch and think you have a talent, I can have somebody do news, I can have another do sports, a comedian of the day and another doing reviews,” Jalang’o stated.

According to the C.E.O of Arena mzee Jalas who did quit Milele FM last week, stated that the move would help create opportunities for people who had not gotten a platform to showcase their talents.

The comedian made the announcement of his resignation on social media, explaining that his decision had been informed by a contractual dispute with his former employer, Mediamax Network Limited.

Heavy J papa, informed his followers that the channel had already attracted advertisers and hoped that more would come on board.

Jalang’o concluded by asking aspiring presenters, comedians and news anchors to send in clips of their work.

“If you think you have a talent and have always wanted to host something, you can talk to me, just comment down here and tell me what you are good at and I will send a number where you will be able to send a one-minute clip of you doing your thing.

“Then we will put it out here and we will get our Jalang’o TV hosts,” the comedian stated.

The comedian further stated, “Then we will put it out here and we will get our Jalang’o TV hosts.”


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