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Can You & Your BAE Even! 4 Photos Of Tecra And Lali That Will Make You Jealous!

Keroche CEO’s daughter Tecra Muigai was head over heels in love with her boyfriend Omar Lali, an indigene of Lamu Island.

Tecra met with Omar mid last year and since then have been spending time together at various hotels.

Early April this year, she visited him in Lamu where he is based. They rented a room at their favorite Manda Diamond Hotel in Shella for a week and later left and rented a cottage – for privacy purposes.

Photos of Omar and Tecra during their happy days are making rounds online and they really looked happy and gorgeous together.

Below are the photos go through;

Netizens developed a liking for Omar after all. With many terming it to be genuine love for each other despite their journey being cut short.

These are some of the comments from Kenyans Online

Okusa Eliud

Love is blind

Vibrant Victor

Sometimes all we want is love. “Most people are afraid of thinking, That’s why they judge.”


Rachel Agunda

This guy just has unkempt hair, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t look bad. For the age, it’s normal for a woman to date an older guy as long as she’s over 18.

Kate Kambua

I don’t understand why people bother themselves with other people’s lives. Kama they were happy together, who are you?

Sadio Ronald

He’s a gentleman…definitely. Her choice wasn’t that bad.

Miss King

The girl was happy and this man here was her type not yours

Annete Onyango

Beautiful couple. They look so good may her soul rip

Omar appeared before Lamu principal magistrate Allan Temba on Monday, who ordered him to be detained for 21 more days as requested by police as they continue to solve the murder of Tecra.



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