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Are You Dating Yourself? Here Is How To Identify If The Relationship Is Already Over And Move On

It takes a lot of work to keep a relationship happy and there’s every chance that something would go wrong if you get too relaxed. No one wants to go through a break up but sometimes, no other option is available. If you’re worried about how your relationship is going then here are some signs on how to tell when a relationship is over.

A lot of people try to block off the problems in their relationship no matter how obvious it already is. This is why most couples try the silent treatment in an effort to deny and postpone the eventual break up. It can be hard to look for ways on how to tell when a relationship is over since couples would have to accept that something is wrong with the situation even as they realize that they still love their partner.

Changes in interaction as well as your routines is one of one of ways on how to tell when a relationship is over. If the two of you used to see a movie every week and your partner is now canceling often then something is definitely wrong. If it happens once or twice then it’s OK but if you feel as though your ex is no longer happy then the relationship is definitely dwindling.

Once a person starts to feel less for a person then they would also taper down on the amount of time they spend with him or her. If your partner keeps giving excuses to avoid get-togethers then chances are the end is near. Fights can actually help a relationship grow as long as they are handled correctly.

However, one of the methods of how to tell when a relationship is over is when your partner doesn’t even want to fix the problem anymore. There’s a chance that your partner doesn’t really want the relationship fixed if they choose to not do anything after you had a fight.

Now, if you and your partner no longer fight then this is also an indication that something is wrong. You might argue that not fighting is good but chances are your partner doesn’t care enough to put up a fight which is actually worse. Your partner is likely letting you have your way because for them, fighting with you is not worth the trouble they have to put through anymore.

Lastly, one of the ways on how to tell when a relationship is over is if the friends of your partner no longer treat you warmly as they used to. If your partner no longer has feelings for you then they will talk about it their friends. If those friends start avoiding you then something is definitely wrong.

These are just some of the things about how to tell when a relationship is over. Since the two of you know each other pretty well then you should be able to tell if something is amiss. The important thing here is that you respect their decisions even if you don’t want to.


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