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7 Common Mixed Signals To Look Out For From Your Lover & How You Can Handle Them

Getting mixed signals from a new partner can be really annoying.

Do you often try to navigate your way between your first date and “where is this relationship going?” Well, you are not alone. Getting mixed signals in a new relationship or from your crush happens to the best of us. Sometimes, people give mixed signals which might make you confused and scratch the back of your head. On some days, they tell you one thing and something else, the other days. This inconsistency is hard to handle, isn’t it?

We are here to help you get through the maze without losing your mind. This post will help you decipher the mixed feelings that arise, mainly because of the communication gap. If you can’t bring yourself to confront your partner, then you should definitely continue reading. Keep in mind that mixed-signal doesn’t necessarily have to be the end of a beautiful relationship.


1. They don’t call or text when you expect

Of course, the other person might be tied down with work, but if they reply to your text after a day or two – don’t bother with them! This person is doing it when it’s convenient for him or her. It is clear that they are not interested in this relationship.

2. They are hot and cold

Do they constantly switch between being totally into you to becoming completely distant from you? If that’s the case, they might be keeping their options open or they are taking their time with this relationship. Either way, there is clearly uncertainty from the other side. It might not be harmful to the relationship but it would certainly be nice to know what is going on in that head. If it bothers you too much, you should talk to them and clear things up.

3. They flirt with other people

It can be really confusing to see your partner flirting with someone else. It is important to be on the same page when you’re in a relationship to avoid conflicts. You should clarify things with them and tell them what you’re comfortable with. If they still remain careless about it, they might not be as ready as you are for the relationship.

4. They say one thing and do another

If someone you are seeing makes plans and doesn’t follow through, that can be frustrating. If their words don’t meet their actions, then this is something you need to discuss with them. Their selfish behaviour can damage your relationship in the long run.

5. They do grand romantic gestures out of the blue

According to experts, this can be because of two reasons: one, they want your attention for doing something nice for you, or this could stem from a feeling of guilt. Assuming the first reason, try to appreciate your partner so that they contribute more to the relationship.

6. They don’t open up with you but expect you to spill all the beans

Emotional connection is a two-way street. Being vulnerable in front of each other is one of the best ways to build a strong foundation for a long-lasting relationship. But if you are the only one expressing all the emotions, then that is fishy. What is it that is holding your significant other to open up to you?

7. They behave differently when in public

We are not talking about kissing and hugging in public. We are talking about acting like you are not together at all in public. If they truly are interested in you, they will definitely make plans to introduce you to important people in their lives and not exclude you.

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