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34 Health Workers Have Tested Positive For Covid-19 to date – Dr Patrick Amoth

34 Health Care Workers In Kenya Have Tested Positive For Covid-19 novel coronavirus since it was first reported in the country in mid-March.

Health Director-General Patrick Amoth disclosed this Speaking during the daily Covid-19 briefings

However, Dr Amoth noted that no medic has succumbed to the disease and many are responding well to treatment.

Some have been discharged from hospital after recovering from the disease.

The front line workers are the most exposed to Covid-19 as they interact with patients on a daily basis.

The government last month said it’s offering the medics free accommodation to prevent the spread of the virus to their families and the general public.

“We have identified suitable accommodation for the health care workers and a team under Kenya Medical Practitioners Dentists Council chaired by Dr Eva Njenga are working extra hard to get us extra facilities so that healthcare workers who get into contact with these cases don’t go home but to a specific place, therefore, prevent close contamination with members of the family and public as they move home,” said Dr Amoth.

The health workers, the government said, would be accommodated in hotels.
At the same time, the number of Covid-19 infections now stands at 621 after 14 more Kenyans tested positive.

On Friday,Health CAS Rashid Aman said 10 of the new cases are from Nairobi, three from Mombasa and one from Machakos
Four of the 10 cases are from Kasarani, Makadara two, and one each in Umoja, South C, Dagoreti South and a quarantine facility.

All three Mombasa cases are from Likoni.
In terms of gender, nine are male while five are female.

Recovered cases now stand at 202 after 5 more people tested negative for the respiratory disease.

The youngest case is an 11-month-old baby while the oldest is 49.

The CAS urged Kenyans to keep following guidelines given by the government to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

“We appreciate that these measures create a great deal of inconveniences to everyone… a time comes when everyone has to make sacrifices,” he said.

Meanwhile, Aman warned Kenyans using panya routes to beat movement restrictions.

Earlier on Friday, 237 Kenyans returned to the country from India and proceeded to self-quarantine.


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